Part-Time School Employees May See Their Hours Cut


Some part time employees may see their hours slashed in public school districts across Nebraska. With the Affordable Health Care Act taking full effect in 2014, districts need to choose whether to pay up or take the tax penalty.

"The devil is in the details," said Kraig Lofquist, an administrator at ESU 9 in Hastings.

This will affect those districts who employ 50 or more full time employees. Under the new law, they are required to cover 60 percent of health care costs for those working over 30 hours a week.

"It's pretty significant, and I can't say that we know everything but we have a pretty good grasp to start with," said Lofquist.

The cuts would affect those part-time employees who are non-teaching personnel.

"Part of the play or pay is that you offer insurance which meets what's required in the act or you don't," said Bobby Truhe, an attorney for Harding & Shultz in Lincoln.

"You got to kind of make the decision as the employer how you're going to deal with that -- providing insurance as opposed to paying the monthly penalty," said Truhe.

"It can be kind of elaborate when you figure out seasonal employees, paraprofessionals or non-certified employees or those who don't have a teaching certificate -- and actually figuring out if they're full time employees," said Lofquist.

Many education officials may be headed into unchartered territory since something like this has never happened before.