School Safety Patrol Surprised with Police K9 Visit


A police drug dog shows up at school. But it's nothing to worry about, in fact, the opposite is true.

The Safety Patrol at Wasmer Elementary in Grand Island makes sure kids get to school safely.

Police wanted to show their appreciation, with a surprise visit from a K-9 team. The school resource officer says the kids have shown dedication to be out in all kinds of weather.

Officer Jason Urbanski said, "We can't pay them, so they're doing it out of the kindness of their heart to make the school a better place."

Fifth grade student Kate Reyes said, "They ask us to move the people from across the street and back, and we help them. It gains us responsibility, it's like a job."

This year, kids alerted police to a reckless driver, whom they say was arrested for drunk driving.

Officers say the kids did very well, and made it through the school year without any kids being hit by cars. Officer Urbanski said he considers the students lifesavers for their work.

He said not every kid is cut out for safety patrol. About 70 kids started the year, and 40 made it to the end. The program requires students to follow a schedule, and if they miss more than three times, they're out.

Urbanski said the kids have helped create a safe neighborhood, where kids can come and go to school safely.