Schools Benefit From 'Box Tops' and 'Labels For Education'


You may see them on your favorite products, but you may not know how important they are.

From playground equipment to library books; the simple act of grocery shopping can make a difference at your child's school.

Programs like 'Box Tops' or 'Labels For Education' help schools like Kearney's Bryant Elementary purchase things that directly impact students' learning.

With tough budget issues always prevalent, every dollar adds up.

"This year and last year we have collected just over $800 each year, so that's a substantial amount just for clipping something that might have ended up in a landfill," said Kindergarten teacher Kathy Stoltenberg. "That people don't think about and every person who clips one Box Top or saves one Label For Education just has an impact."

"I think the biggest thing is just how simple it is how you're shopping, you're going to see the little coupon, clip it," said Bryant Elementary Principal Mark Johnson. "It takes you five seconds to clip that out but that five seconds can give us ten cents, and a lot of 10 cents can make up a lot of money for a school."

An example of how much these programs work; over 59 million dollars was earned through Box tops for Education just in the 2011 school year.