Scotia Winery Opening Proof of Overcoming Adversity


SusieHanson's life changed forever in three days. After seven surgeries, correctivesurgeries, physical therapy, and prosthetic rehabilitation, Susie has learnedthat trials and tribulations can be the pathway to life and business transformation.

Withassistance from several area agencies and family support, Susie and her husbandRichard have found innovative ways to work around her disability. As a result,they will be celebrating the Grand Opening of Rockin' Rooster Winery from noon to 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 13, at 80023 490th inScotia, Nebraska.

In2005, the Hanson's started this family owned venture with seven acres thatfeatured an Orchard of Fruit Trees and gardens filled with unique berries alongthe North Loup River. Unfortunately, in July 2007, Susie became ill oneWednesday and within three days she suffered kidney stones; causing a urinarytract infection that resulted in a blood infection. This bloodinfection created blood clots in Hanson's extremities causing necrosis. As aresult, Physicians amputated Hanson's left index finger tip, her complete righthand and wrist, and both legs below the knees.

"Ibelieve that to survive and ultimately thrive, we have to make a conscientiousdecision to choose the blessings that life brings to us each day," notedco-owner Susie Hanson. "We were blessed to have strong family support and thesupport of Nebraska Agencies to help make our dream ultimately come true andpermit me to be an active participant in all aspects of our winery throughassistive technology."

"We are genuinely thankful for the help given by the NebraskaAssistive Technology Partnership, Nebraska Self Employment Services, EasterSeals, Agribility and Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation. Each agency played animportant role during different phases of our business startup," she added.

Rockin'Rooster Winery can be found by driving east from Scotia, Nebraska on Highway22. Taking the first right on 490th Avenue, you then travelthree miles. Look for the winery signs posted at 490th Avenueand the Rockin' Rooster entrance.

For additional information, contact Susie orRichard Hanson at 308-245-3222 or visit their Facebook page at