Seattle or Bust


Two musicians from Boston are taking on a journey to see America by foot! They started their trip from Omaha and hope to end up in Seattle. Jess Holden and Ryan Brum said it's about the adventure to learn about themselves and the country.

It’s not about how quickly they can make it to their final destination, it's more about the people they meet along the way and the experience.

"It's been awesome, the people have been super friendly. A lot of corn, but a lot of wide open spaces and the air is really fresh here compared to Boston," said Holden.

"We are going to think about the people that we met and how the spectrum of life and humanity and all that kind of corny stuff, but the stuff that actually matters," said Brum.

They said so far some Nebraskans have invited them into their homes and provided meals, but for the most part these guys are camping out at parks. However, if weather is bad they say they’ll book a hotel.

They brought along the necessities for weather conditions, food and smart phones to keep in contact with family and friends and to use as their way of direction.

Their next stop is Elm Creek.

According to google maps, the trip is 1,670 miles, taking a total of 546 hours to walk. These guys average 15 to 30 miles per day. They started April 8th and hope to be in Seattle sometime in September.