Green Line Opens Huge John Deere Dealership


In Big Red country, many bleed John Deere green. Now the iconic farm equipment company has a new home in central Nebraska that may be the biggest John Deere dealership in the state.

Greg Rerucha said, "Never thought I'd work in a building with an elevator in it – a John Deere dealership with an elevator in it."

He grew up with this family business, but Greg Rerucha never pictured the view from his new office on the second floor, overlooking the new Green Line Equipment showroom and shop in Grand Island.

He said, "We went from 2,200 square foot showroom to almost 10,000 square feet so we have a sizable increase just to be able to display all the products John Deere has to offer, now took this size of showroom to do it."

From stuff to wear to everything that comes in John Deere green, they've got it.

Rerucha said, "We're carrying paintings now, which we didn't carry before; we've tripled our toy inventory which is always a real popular item around the holidays."

However, it's not toy tractors but the real deal still at the heart of this business.

The shop has expanded to be able to handle new equipment.

Brad Macek works in the shop. He said, "We should be able to bring in a 12 row head attached to a combine if we need to, work on it inside the shop."

The service staff is in awe of the overhead crane and all their working space.

"Pretty state of the art," Macek said.

And the big gets bigger. As soon as Green Line built a 40 foot door, John Deere introduced something 40 feet wide. But this dealership is prepared to meet the demands of modern farmers.

Rerucha said, "They rely on us to a large extent. We almost become consultants because the equipment is a lot more sophisticated, lots of electronics."

Green line has wanted to expand for about five years. They felt the timing was right. Business has been good as farmers enjoy a run of profitable years.

"We felt that was enough optimism in the future of the farm economy we could justify doing a project like this and be around for a long time," Rerucha said.

The new showroom is on Highway 30, just west of Highway 281 in Grand Island, just down the street from their old shop.