It's a Sellers Housing Market in Kearney


Realtors say the city of Kearney is a seller's market right now.

In three of the major rental properties in the area, which have more than 1,500 units, there are only seven available rentals. Even beyond those units, there are only 60 available housing units in Kearney and the surrounding areas.

Real estate broker Betty Warren has advice for those who may be looking.

"A lot of times I'll tell people to drive around. Because sometimes people do not put them in the paper because they don't want a hundred phone calls," Warren said. "So one of the things I tell you to do is to drive around and look at signs."

Warren added having a good credit score is important, and she says it is tough to find a renter who allows animals.

Warren says you should give yourself 45–60 days to find a place and before you start to make the big move, do your homework.

"Gather information. Go to your Chamber of Commerce and get a relocation packet. Find out some details, instead of moving and not knowing any information. You know, do some background so you are a knowledgeable renter or buyer," shared Warren.

A new apartment complex is being built on the corner of 17th Avenue and 56th Street to help rental availability in addition to new duplexes being put up in the city.