Sellers Market In Kearney


It is a sellers housing market in Kearney and it has been this way for the past year. Real estate agents say many people are looking to buy homes, but none are looking to sell.

"If a house comes upon the market, generally if it's priced right and the house is cleaned, smells good, good location, good curb appeal, it's getting sold in the first week or two," said Coldwell Bank Managing Broker Jamie Bollwitt.

Bollwitt adds Kearney is a very desirable place for people to live and not many people want to leave the area. This causes the prices for homes to be high, though prices for homes in surrounding towns are lower.

Bollwitt offers some advice for anyone looking to buy a house.

"First thing we recommend buyers to do is get a lender, get pre-approved for a loan. It gets their foot the door when they want to go look at houses, they might be one step ahead of the next buyer they might be competing with on the house," she said.

Carol Pelster, who recently bought a house in Kearney, spent several months looking and was shocked how high the prices were.

"Give yourself plenty of time; if you are in a hurry you're probably going to have to spend a little bit more than you if you have time to look around," said Pelster.