Sen. Fischer Informs Farm Bill Committee of Recent Cattle Losses in Nebraska


U.S. Senator Deb Fischer has written a letter to the farm bill conferees highlighting the livestock losses being felt in western Nebraska from an early October snowstorm.

In her letter, Fischer asked that the impact of the loss of thousands of cattle be considered when looking at the Livestock Indemnity Program during the 2013 farm bill conference deliberations.

Sen. Fischer pointed to the substantial economicimpact felt by cattle producers due to the recent severe weather and drought conditions of recent years. Nebraska Emergency Management officials estimate 3,000-5,000 cattle died in the blizzard that hit a number of northwestern Nebraska counties Oct. 5 and 6.

Fischer asked in her letter that coverage for those specific livestock losses be included in the Livestock Indemnity Program within the farm bill conference report.

The senator says LIP support would provide some assistance to Nebraska producers struggling due to these challenges.