Sen. Gloor Cosponsors Bill That Seeks to Make In-Home Daycares Smoke Free

Sen. Mike Gloor

Omaha Sen. Rick Kolowski introduced a bill to lawmakers Wednesday that would require all daycares and their vehicles to be smoke free.

The current law only requires commercial daycares to keep their building and vehicles smoke free. In-home daycares allow smoking as long as it is not in the part of the building where the daycare is licensed to operate.

Kolowski says, "This loophole allows smoking ina kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom or any other room that isn'tdesignated as part of the daycare area."

He adds that, "According to NebraskaHealth and Human Services, over 60 percent of all daycares in the state are in-homebusinesses."

LB630 is co-sponsored bySens. Kathy Campbell of Lincoln, Mike Gloor of Grand Island and Sara Howard of Omaha.