Sen. Janssen Campaign Staffer Resigns Following Offensive Facebook Post


One of Sen. Charlie Janssen's campaign staffers has resigned following offensive comments made on his Facebook page about another senator.

Jeremy Jensen was recently hired by Janssen to serve as his Field Director in his run for governor, but has now resigned. Before Jensen was hired, he posted an inappropriate slur in reference to Sen. Danielle Conrad on his Facebook page.

Janssen said earlier this week that he disapproved of Jensen's comment, but had no plans to fire him. Following Jensen's resignation on Friday, Janssen released a statement that said Jensen's conduct "is clearly not reflective of my campaign or my values, and his resignation is appropriate."

He added, "While Jeremy's most derogatory remark wasmade prior to his joining my campaign, I am sorry that Senator Conrad and herfamily had to endure this experience."