Sen. Johanns Introduces Legislation to Study Impact of Violent Content on Children


U.S.Sens. Mike Johanns and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) introducedlegislation Thursday directing a federal study into the possible impact violence inmovies, television and video games could pose to children.

"Inorder to have an honest discussion about violence and how to best prevent it inthe future, we need to examine the underlying causes of these actions," Johannssaid.

"Our kids are routinely exposed to movies, television and video gamesthat glorify violence and allow them to simulate violent acts," added Johanns. "This legislationwill allow us to study what, if any, impact this exposure has on our youth, andif it encourages or desensitizes our children to the real-life consequences ofviolence."

Thelegislation directs the Federal Trade Commission, Federal CommunicationCommission and the Department of Health and Human Services to work with theNational Academy of Sciences to investigate potential harmful effects exposureto violent content could have on children.

Thestudy would specifically examine whether violent video games and mediaprogramming cause kids to act aggressively or have other harmful effects.Finally, the study would examine what, if any, unique impact violent video gametrends have on children, specifically with respect to their interactive natureand vivid portrayal of violence.

Thereport would be due 15 months after the legislation is signed into law.

Courtesy- Sen. Mike Johanns