Sen. McCoy Looking to Introduce Reforms for State's "Good Time" Law


Nebraska state Sen. Beau McCoy says he will propose changes to Nebraska's "good time" law for violent offenders when lawmakers reconvene next year.

The "good time" system gives prisoners one day of credit for each day spent behind bars, effectively cutting their sentences in half.

One of the provisions being included in McCoy's proposal includes requiring violent offenders to earn the good time credit instead of having it automatically granted.

McCoy says his legislation could include a requirement that violent offenders not violate prison rules while incarcerated or risk losing good time credits. It also could require them to complete rehabilitation or training programs.

The legislation is still being developed. McCoys says he is seeking input and guidance from various groups, including law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and others.

Lawmakers are looking at a series of prison reforms next year, including ways to reduce overcrowding and expand treatment services. State officials have focused on the prisons after several deadly incidents involving inmates who were released.