Senate Hopeful Speaks about Obamacare in Kearney


TheAffordable Care Act, nicknamed Obamacare, went into effect in 2014 and has longbeen one of the nation's most controversial issues.

Tuesdaynight a republican senate hopeful sat down with Kearney residents and wasgrilled on the subject.

BenSasse, the current president of Midland University, said he is against theinstallation of Obamacare for Nebraskans. The sit down wasn't just abouthis stance on the Affordable Care Act; Sasse explained how he would fix thesystem if elected to the senate.

KearneyMayor Stan Clouse turned out to see what Sasse had to say.

"We'rehere to learn, learn a lot about the candidates about what their beliefs arehow strongly their issues affect us at the local level, I think it's importantwe understand and know about our candidate," said Clouse.

Sassecame prepared for questions on the topic and said he has a game plan if heearns a seat in the United States Senate.

"It'sthe main issue we're hearing about from Nebraska, it's the biggest problem what'swrong with this government expansion we see right now they promised things theycan't deliver," Sasse said.

Sasse will head to Columbus and Norfolk laterthis week to share his views on the issue.