Sequester Cuts Impact Food Safety Workers


Government-wide spending cuts have agencies across the board looking to save money, including those in charge of food safety.

Food inspectors with the USDA testified before a house committee on Friday. The conversation revolved around part of their plan to reduce spending by more than 50-million dollars.

They said "the current plan is for an across-the-board furlough for all employees for 11 days."

Officials said this is "in order to minimize the impact on our employees and the marketplace, we intend to apply the furloughs on non-consecutive days to extent possible."

According to officials the USDA and FSIS have taken extraordinary measures to reduce expenditures.

These measures include big cuts in conference and travel spending. While these cuts have produced results, they are still not enough to meet the sequester requirement, say officials.

Those furloughs are estimated to start taking place sometime mid-summer, but officials say by law they still must hold food inspections.

The cutbacks are all part of forced spending cuts that started taking effect March 1st.