Seven Valleys Museum


Visitors enjoy walking through the Seven Valleys Museum in Callaway. Years ago, people wouldn't come to see items of yesterday in this building, rather they'd stop in to see the good old doctor and dentist.
"There's enough in here that anyone can find something that they particularly like," said secretary and treasurer Lorraine Smith.
The first medical building in Callaway turned into a museum in the late 1960s. It operates completely on donations and local volunteers. There are four buildings to see including the main building and an annex, the first courthouse in Custer County, and an 1890s church.
"You can see all kinds of local history. Any bit of local history that's available I think we have."
Named after the Seven Valleys that surround Callaway, the museum plays out the stories of the rich history of the area.
"Almost all of the history of Custer County took place on that Loup River here. It was right to center of everything."
Visitors can see a chair turn into a table, pay tribute to local veterans, and walk through the general store. One visitor comes back every year to see his grandfather's watch and clock.
"He came in and wound the watch and his clock and said if I'm still able, I'll come next year for one last time," Smith recalled.
Some visitors may have feared visiting the doctor or dentist. Now everyone comes through with a favorite memory and a chance to make new ones.
Admission to the museum is free and by appointment.