Shane Osborn Defends Record


He's called out his opponent by name in political ads, but Senate candidate Shane Osborn says he's the one whose record has been smeared.

"I don't have the ability to write million dollar checks like one of my opponents, and I certainly don't have ten DC Super PACs spending millions against me, with ads that are so negative, several TV stations have refused to even air them. What I do have is the work ethic to get this done. I'm the only one to hit all 93 counties, Nebraskans know I keep my promises when they cast a vote for me for state treasurer, who's actually shrunk government, who's brought transparency, who's actually performed and been tested," Osborn said in a visit with NTV.

Osborn continues to stress his record as a veteran, and former state treasurer.

He says President Obama's administration is overreaching, affecting teachers, farmers, and businesses.