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I started doing different crafty thing including jewelry a couple of years ago and just sold them here and there for Christmas gifts and such. About 3 months ago I started the washer jewelry just for fun and got so many compliments on it that I started making more and more. My family and friends kept telling me that I should start selling it at craft fairs and such. So I decided to start a facebook page to see what would happen. Since starting my facebook page, my sales have gone wild. I love making the jewelry and of course love to hear the feedback from my customers.
My jewelry consists of domino and washer pendants. After much encouragement from my family I decided to incorporate making earrings to match and that has made a huge difference in sales.

My contact info is:
Shannon's Sensational Jewelry
Shannon Powers
80494 Rd 445, Broken Bow, NE 68822
308-872-2344 ( home)
308-870-4995 ( cell)!/ShannonsHandmadeCrafts