Shelton High School Prepares for Academic Tournament


Friday is the beginning of the Nebraska Academic Decathlon State Tournament. Shelton High School is one of the competitors.

Junior Jake Senff will present a speech about North Korea during the tournament. Senff thinks this experience will help him prepare for future job interviews.

"It's a great way to think on your feet, quickly develop organized thoughts and convey your message," said Senff.

Senior Samantha Georgina will be attending Kansas University next year. She studies for this competition year round, a technique she plans to use in college.

"When you're taking your final exam and just knowing the right way to study, not necessarily cramming, but having ten minutes a day," said Georgina.

The competition also helps develop team building skills amongst the students.

"It's a lot of utilizing the people around you to further your own goals and performing under pressure," explained sophomore Marcus Tofflemire.

Events include interviewing, essay writing, public speaking and multiple choice tests.