Shopko Helps Boost Holdrege Economy


A rural economy gets a boost as a major retailer opens up shop.

'Shopko Hometown' officially opened its doors to shoppers on Thursday, only a week after making the transition from the former Pamida store in the Holdrege Marketplace.

Store officials say being able to keep the local economy running is a key factor for the community.

"We've been able to keep business here in town to help this community grow in itself as its own," said Shopko Hometown Store Team Leader Nathan Bush. "Keeping people in the business and the revenue in the community itself."

Community leaders see Shopko as a good mix for the local economy, especially for those who shop local as Holdrege continues to be a hub for surrounding communities.

"It's really just better for the overall community too, you invest in yourself when you shop locally, and that's the message we've tried to share with people," said Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce's Katie Madsen. "So having Shopko here is a great addition to that. I think it meets a need that people couldn't find in Holdrege before and now they're able to invest in themselves by investing in Shopko."

The first Shopko was opened in Wisconsin in the 1960's, and now boasts over 300 stores across the country.