Shoppers Change Their Spending Habits After Recent Credit Card Breeches


The recent data breaches at Target and other retailers have many consumers taking a closer look at how they manage their money, so NTV asked local shoppers about what steps they take to keep their personal information safe.

"I'm using cash more and of course the bank compromised my card before it got any further than that," said Kaitlin Thalin. "But I've tried to use my debit card a lot less."

"I usually do not leave my receipt or even let my debit card out of my hand for more than a few minutes," shared Harold Meyer.

"I actually, since that happened, I did get an app online, and actually on my phone," said Siera Schwanz, "and I keep track of what gets taken out of my accounts. So that is something I did do because of Target."

"I think it's good they're making new security steps for credit cards and stuff," shared Heather Alicon. "Because if not, I mean something like this could happen, more and more people would be affected, so I think it's good."

"It's not affecting me because of the insurance involved," said Ross Stone. "But I do wonder why they don't make the change to the chip in their cards sooner."

The Wall Street Journal says new card technology with microchips will be available by the end of next year.