Shoppers in Kearney come out in big numbers for Brown Thursday

Brown Thursday enthusiasts were also out in large numbersaround Kearney.

Shoppers stuffed with turkey and dressing lined the Hill TopMall in Kearney Thanksgiving evening for what many are calling Brown Thursday.

Stores with slashed prices brought hefty crowds for 8 amopenings, a change from previous early morning Black Friday hours.

"It's a tradition for us, this year we went all out andmade our sweat shirts. There are five of us. The other girls are in line atother stores so they can get the bargains there," said shopper Nikki Peterson.

Bargains like fifty percent off the entire store, buy oneget ones and sixty percent of shoes.

But not all of the store hoping is for Christmas shopping. Forsome like Cassidy Starostka, it's about finding good deals for themselves.

"I've been shopping for clothes mostly, and old navyhas fifty percent off so that's just really nice. But I'm looking for somepyrex containers; they're like ten bucks or something," said Starostka.

Whether it's shopping for themselves, others, or both; it'san event that not only patrons prepare for, but store employees as well.

"We did have to increase our staff a little bit inorder to have enough people to take care of it. But the people that we have onstaff are fantastic so they've been able to extend shifts a little bit andthey're all excited to be here," said Old Navy manager Jaci Pohl.

And while some may say Thanksgiving Day is too soon to startholiday shopping, others find it to be less stressful than waiting in line allnight.

"I've talked to some kids that are having their firstblack Friday experience because it's a little earlier. It's not the middle ofthe night. So that's pretty fun. We just wanted it to be a great experience forpeople," Pohl said.

And while bargain hunting was at the front of many shoppers mindsthis brown Thursday evening, for Nikki Peterson and her sister the real meaningof the day was most important.

"We're sisters so I'm thankful to have family andfriends with me and that we've had good weather."