Shotgun Proposal: Gun Owner Takes to Street for Second Amendment Protest


Talk about a shotgun proposal; A man packing his hunting gun takes to the streets, to make a statement about the second amendment.

With his shotgun on his back, and his girlfriend on his side, Colton Truitt says he's trying to send a message.

It's all about the second amendment, and he wants to make a point that open carry is legal in Nebraska, and the shotgun apparently conveys the message louder than the sign he crafted with a $1 Sharpie and 33 cent poster board.

"That's my whole plan," he said of displaying the shotgun on his back. "A lot of people don't understand the laws, especially around here and a lot of people, it's just fear mongering. Just because a rifle can hold 30 rounds, oh my god, it's going to be used to kill a bunch of people and that's just not true."

It's not the first time he's been out advocating for gun rights this way. Recently, he said police were called, but after talking to him, agreed it was legal to carry the shotgun.

He said people don't need to be afraid of those "who might have bad intentions," saying they're a "minuscule" percentage of gun owners.

Truitt said, "It's just my opinion the mainstream media has criminalized firearms owners and the biggest thing is the public gets scared when they see a firearm, and they shouldn't."

The handwritten sign says, "Open Carry is not a crime -Nor- should it be viewed as one!!! 2A is not up for Negotiation!!!"

Colton carries a Mossberg Maverick 88 12-gauge shotgun he picked up for about $200 at Walmart.

A welder by trade, he says he's an avid hunter and has recently taught his girlfriend to shoot.

Truitt and his girlfriend have been walking up and down Webb Road, part of the busy Grand Island retail corridor.

He said he's received many words of support, but also some concerned that he doesn't need to carry the shotgun to make his point.