Should Minimum Wage be Higher?


Minimum wage in Nebraska is $7.50, the question is should itbe higher? Senator Jeremy Nordquist wants to raise it to $9.00 an hour.

University Nebraska-Kearney student John Blake is a salesclerk at TM Sporting Goods. If minimum wage went up, he would make more money.

"It would help like college kids and people that are juststarting out to start at a higher rate and you can buy things you want and geta more expensive apartment and things like that," said Blake.

But not everyone in Downtown Kearney feels this way. PetKingdom owner Kern Heaton is against.

"I don't feel that the minimum wage was ever set up to be asupporting long term wage for a regular person. I think it's a stepping stonefor a better career and better salaries," said Heaton.

Heaton gives out salaries based on employees performances.