Should Nebraska Get a No Child Left Behind Waiver?


There are talks of whether the state should apply for a No Child Left Behind waiver, which would eliminate the need for students to get 100 percent proficiency on exams.

Lexington has five schools in their district that need improving; the superintendent thinks the district does so poorly because one-third of its students are still learning English.

“All the tests are in English -- you can imagine moving to Greece and then take the test in Greek, see what that is like,” said John Hakonson.

If the state applied for the waiver there would be more flexibility in use of federal funding. On the other side, the state applying for the waiver does not guarantee better test scores.

Lexington is now worried about losing funding.

The school offers classes specifically focused on improving test scores. And they are considering an idea that would split up the elementary schools -- one school would include kindergarten through third grade and the other would include fourth and fifth grade students.