Should Teachers Be Allowed to Carry Concealed Guns At Schools?


Senator Mark Christensen introduced a bill on Tuesday that would allow Nebraska teachers and school employees the opportunity to carry a concealed gun at schools across the state.

The bill says the local school board would have to approve the employee bringing a gun to school, and the employee would also need to take 32 hours of training before being allowed to carry the gun in school.

Sen. Christensen believes this could help rural schools that don't have the same safety resources as larger districts.

Elm Creek Superintendent Dean Tickle has had talks about the issue with his school board, but has trouble picking a side.

"I think it's very difficult to ask people that aren't prepared to use lethal force to think about that on a daily basis when education is their business," said Tickle.

A parent of three kids in the Elm Creek school district, Davis Miner is also not sure which side to favor.

"I'm 50/50 on the deal, I guess, I don't have a complete answer. There's no good answer for the whole subject, but it's about where I am right now," said Miner.

The Elm Creek school district does not have an officer on site and the closest police officers are those in the Kearney Police Department.

Tickle believes one option is for teachers to have Tasers instead of guns.

"A non-lethal alternative is probably a better option, a lethal weapon in the hands of someone that's not trained or equipped," said Tickle.