Shrine Bowl Parade Fun Way To Raise Awareness For Cause


An annual parade provides an exciting and fun backdrop to spread awareness of helping children in need.

Kearney residents and visitors from across the state lined the streets of Kearney Saturday morning for the Shrine Bowl parade.

The parade is a kickoff to the Shrine Bowl football game that was brought to Kearney after years in Lincoln.

Officials say that while people may remember the clowns and the funny cars...ultimately, the goal is raising both money and awareness.

"There's a lot of young people and children from birth up to 18 years old that needs some help," said NE. Shrine Bowl Board of Dir. Steve O'Brien. "Not all of the things we do, we don't all save lives at the hospital, but we make their lives a lot better."

"The best part it's all about the kids at Shriner's SHospitaland we have to keep that in mind," said Kearney Visitor's Bureau's Roger Jasnoch. "Anything we do we're helping kids in Shriner's Hospital get well."

Kearney will host the Shrine Bowl and parade for the next four years.