Sick Boy's Calf Shown at Fair, Money Raised


A rural ag community rallied around the family of one of its 4-H Clover Kids during the local county fair Saturday.

Abby Sholz and her friend lead her brother's bucket calf during a special auction at the Gosper County Fair.

It's an impromptu fundraiser for Garrett Sholz, who was diagnosed three weeks ago with leukemia. He is in Omaha seeking treatment.

Garrett raised the calf, but couldn't be there for the fair himself.

Friends and family helped get Abby to the fair to show her own cattle as well.

“I think it's really cool how we just did it for him, because I always remember him because I wear his picture on my harness,” said Abby.

That reminder of Garrett was evident throughout the fairgrounds, which didn’t go unnoticed by his family.

“It's just very humbling that we have this much community support and friend and family and people in this community that gathered around us and kind of held us in close and get us through this fair,” said Mike Sholz, Garrett’s father.

A local ag producer also donated a grill for the auction, adding to the nearly $15,000 raised for the family.