Sidney Woman Convicted of Aiding in Husband's Suicide


Nearly three weeks after pleading not guilty to charges that she helped her husband kill himself, a Sidney woman has reached a deal with prosecutors and has been convicted of aiding a suicide.

On Thursday 53-year-old Deann Kimble entered her plea in Cheyenne County District Court. Prosecutors dropped a charge of concealing human remains in exchange for her no contest plea for the felony charge of aiding a suicide.

Deputies have said Kimble told them that she promised 61-year-old Russell Kimble that she would not intervene when he decided it was "his time to die."

She told investigators that Russell Kimble shot himself on March 22, believing he was gravely ill. Investigators say Deann Kimble then wrapped his body is a shower curtain and sheet and buried it in a shallow grave.

Kimble's sentencing has been set for June 12. She faces up to five years in prison.