Sister Hugs


Sister Hugs is a compassionate, nonprofit community of people seeking to make the day a little brighter for others. Mission is to brighten a day and to spread a hug. We cannot fix, but we can improve a little bit.
*A sister nominates a friend, relative, neighbor, coworker, etc. for a love bomb. Send this nomination via email or FB message or text. This will remain anonymous. Let us know who the person is and why they need or deserve a Love Bomb.
* Love Bomb recipient(s) are chosen and nominator will be notified, as will all of the Sisters.
Nominator is the only person who will know the true identity, though.
* We start collecting items for this person's Love Bomb - usually about 2 weeks unless there is a rush need for some reason. These items can be actual items or monetary donations to me to purchase things, gift cards, or notes and letters of encouragement and well wishes.
*LOVE BOMB is sent off to recipients - we may or may not ever hear how it was received, but I guarantee you a day was brightened!

For more information or to help out visit or their Facebook page at!/SisterHugs