Site of Old Kearney Drive-In Finds New Purpose


The site of the old Kearney Drive-In on Avenue N has found a new purpose.

BD Construction recently completed construction of Kearney Drive-In Self Storage, a 380-unit self-storage facility to house Kearney residents' things.

The site used to be home of the Kearney Drive-In theatre, which was closed after a tornado destroyed the projection screen in 2008. But now the space will serve a new purpose, one BD Construction CEO says is in demand.

"There's always demand for this kind of storage space becausepeople are constantly in transition and need a place to stash thingstemporarily or they own things that they want to keep but just don't have theroom for right now," said Benjamin explained.

The facility has enclosed units ranging in size from 10'x10' to 10'x30', as well as exterior storage for boats, RVs, cars and other vehicles. The facility features all-steel construction, concrete floors and in-door guardian lock systems.

For more information about Kearney Drive-In Self Storage call 308-698-2400 or go online to