Skin Cancer Awareness


It's the most common type of cancer and as weather warms up, dermatologists are urging people to watch out for skin cancer.

One in three people will get skin cancer during their lifetime. Some cancer spots can take just six minutes to fix, but many can be more serious.

Dr. Kingsley of Kearney says people have become more aware of skin cancer risks, but says he still wants to remind individuals to give themselves a check often.

"Hands and arms, upper back, chest on women, lower legs for women who wear more shorts, more dresses, more skirts. So those are high risk areas, but head and neck are number one by far," the doctor said.

There are different types of skin cancer with the most dangerous being melanoma. Look for spots with irregular color, border and doubling in size and darkness. If there are changes in the last six to twelve weeks, it is recommended to see a specialist.

Melanoma can show up on non–sun exposed skin as well. We can almost feel the summer heat again and that mean's lathering up on sunscreen. SPF 30 blocks about 95 plus percent of the sun’s rays and 50 blocks up to 97 percent.

Dr. Kingsley only trusts at least SPF 50, nothing less. He does suggest buying new each year. "Why risk it for eight bucks go get new stuff. I think it lasts a year no matter what it says on the bottle, get a new one." If kids do spend time at the pool make sure they re–apply sunscreen every two hours even if the bottle says waterproof.