Small Size, Big Sound


Five years ago Southern Valley brought 50 students to the Harvest of Harmony Parade. Now, that number is split in half. This school might have small numbers, but they are ready to prove they can play with the best of the best.

"We've had a lot of adjusting within the band and in our music program," Brook Eden, Southern Valley's drum major said. "Transferring from like, three different teachers in the last four years."

The band and choir director, Mr. Harden, is in his second year teaching at Southern Valley. He says he has big dreams for this school. Although the band is made up of only 22 students, they don't let their size slow them down.

"These are the kids that when everyone's changed, they're the ones that stuck around," Harden said. "So our numbers are small but they are very mighty."

These students look forward to the Harvest of Harmony Parade.

"You get to perform, which is always a blast," Eden said.

"I think we're going to do a great job at Harvest of Harmony and we're going to come back
and have a great successful year," Harden said.

This will be one of several bands performing October 6. The parade starts at 8 a.m.