Smith Cosponsors Bill That Would "Check" Executive Powers


Congressman Adrian Smith is cosponsoring a bill introduced by Congressman Todd Young of Indiana that would provide a check for the Executive Branch.

The bill is called the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act. The REINS Act would require new regulations that impact the economy by more than $100 million annually to be approved by a stand-alone vote in Congress and signed by the President.

Smith says, "The REINS Act would serve as an important check on the growing power of theExecutive Branch and ensure Congress is able to review new rules with thelargest impact on our economy before they take effect."

Smith says he believes some federal regulations that he calls "overreaching" are adversely affecting Nebraskans. He said, "Overreaching federal regulations continue todevastate Nebraska families, small businesses, and agriculture producers."

Congressman Smith is an original cosponsor of the REINSAct.