Smith Weighs in on Border Crisis


Congressman Adrian Smith says the situation at the border has reached crisis level, and he's especially concerned that it involves children.

Smith recently voted for legislation to address the situation.

He said, "I think the legislation we did pass helps address issues to make sure we have resources to sort through different cases."

He's troubled to see children placed in a situation where they are traveling a dangerous path to the United States.

"Transferred by coyotes for thousands of dollars and then the pattern is everyone turns themselves in once they get across the border. This is a different type of situation," Smith said. "Some kids are fleeing violence but that's not the case for everyone."

He said children should be re-united with families in Central America, if possible.

"We want to avoid a one size fits all approach," he said.

Congressman Smith has also introduced a bill that would require the Department of Health and Human Services to give states advanced notice when unaccompanied minors are to be placed in a state.

HHS recently disclosed that more than 200 unaccompanied immigrant children have been moved to Nebraska this year.