Snow Closes Some Businesses While Others Thrive


The snow has impacted businesses across Nebraska, but some are thriving in the cold conditions.

To keep their business moving, Fed Ex calls on Tom's Tree Service and Snow Removal.

"There's been a few people call in wanting us to start cleaning their lots so got to go out in the next half hour and start," said snow mover Monte Shultz around 4:00 p.m. Tuesday.

This storm will likely bring the most snow removal business the Grand Island company has seen all winter, but that doesn't mean it's hurting.

"We keep busy on other businesses," said Shultz.

Tree removal and recycling have brought in the bucks.

Meanwhile, Russell Crooks is finding other ways to keep busy as snow slows his business.

"The traffic is slower, certainly. People have a tendency to not get out if it's cold and windy and it's both now," said the On the Avenue Antiques owner.

That gives Crooks time to restore the antiques that haven't made it to the store floor just yet.

"We have an opportunity to do other things and that way I don't have to do it at night at the kitchen table," he said.

Just because customers aren't coming through the door doesn't mean On the Avenue isn't doing business during the storm.

"We've had an unusual amount of phone calls," said Crooks.

Some businesses took a cue from local schools and closed. Third Avenue Tanning in Kearney was one of them. They said they may even be closed Wednesday.