Snow Helps Ag Producers, But Still Not Enough


It's no surprise that agriculture and weather go hand in hand.

Coming out of the worst drought since the 1930's, ag experts say today's snow will help but farmers aren't out of the woods just yet.

Before the snowfall, officials say ag producers in this area have only had about a quarter inch measurable precipitation since December. What's on the ground now is welcome especially for pasture land; but if the water availability isn't in the top four feet of soil, that's when planting becomes an issue.

"If it's not full sometimes we have water top few inches, roots get down below, it's dry then we either need to irrigate or dryland hope for rain," said UNL Extension Educator Trevor Williams. "So with the precipitation is pretty important, especially when it comes time for the plants to use it in the spring."

Williams adds that farmers are happy with this snow, and whatever they get will definitely help.

"We still have a chance to fill that profile. Every drought ends with a rain, so there's definitely that to look forward to. The snow will help winter wheat too, so there's always something to look forward to," Williams said.

Farmers may not see significant moisture this year unless the weather system changes in the next couple months.