Some Ag Groups Urging Passage of New Farm Bill Deal


Farm groups like the American Soybean Association and the National Association of Wheat Growers are urging members of Congress to pass the most recent version of the farm bill filed in the House.

NAWG President Bing Von Bergen says he supports the bill that was approved by a conference committee and filed Monday evening. He says the agreement strengthens crop insurance and provides funding for programs in conservation, research and trade "that help keep America's wheat industry productive and competitive on a global scale."

ASA showed their support for the bill in a statement Monday night.

"This has been atrying process to be sure," said ASA President Ray Gaesser, "but we think that through it all, the conferees andtheir leadership have produced a framework that will serve the best interestsof soybean farmers."

The organization says it supports the bill for its crop insurance boost, conservation programs and agriculture research and trade initiatives.

"In addition to thebill's victories for soybean farmers, it is important to note what the billdoes for the country as a whole," added Gaesser. "The bill still provides forthose in need of food assistance by preserving the decades-old balance andpartnership between farm and nutrition programs that has seen farm legislationthrough in years past."

The bill would cut food stamps by 1 percent, enough to satisfy Republicans who say the program is spending too much money, but not too much to lose all Democrat support.

"The billis a compromise," Gaesser said. "It ensures the continued success of Americanagriculture, and we encourage both the House and the Senate to pass itquickly."

Though House passage isn't certain, a vote on the bill is expected Wednesday.