Some Husker Fans Feeling "Blue" as Loyalty Put to the Test


It's been an emotional week for Husker fans and loyalties are put to the test, with some fans feeling "blue".

It has nothing to do with Bo Pelini and everything to do with the Huskers' opponent, South Dakota State.

The Jackrabbits are relative newcomers to Division I athletics, but share much in common with Nebraska academically, with strong ag programs.

George Hohwieler would know; He and his wife are SDSU grads and their three sons have all gone to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

He said, "SDSU is a leader in dairy, it was one of the leaders in birth of ethanol, and still is. Beef, cattle production, plant breeding."

Hohwieler is also a Husker fan. One of his sons is a student manager for the Huskers football team.

But this weekend he'll be in blue and yellow.

He said, "We touch base with so many people that have ties to SDSU so a game like this is a party, a reunion where you meet and greet people you haven't seen in a while and see a good game."

SDSU claims to have invented cookies and cream ice cream and the Briggs and Stratton engine.

And it's also produced Hohwieler, the head of the billion dollar Aurora Cooperative and this reporter.

The two Jackrabbits will chat Sunday night on NTV's Grow about the co-ops expansion.