Sorority Sisters Defy Stereotypes


By Jacklyn Ryan

Throughout the years, people view sorority girls as snobby, rich, and out of control. The UNK Alpha Phi girls look to overcome those pre-conceived notions.

"I think that sororities are often portrayed as being a negative thing through different forms of TV shows, stories and movies." Alpha Phi member Kiley Dibbern says, "Speaking on behalf of UNK, we really do defy those stereotypes."

Sorority sisters at UNK pride themselves as being hard working women who are preparing themselves for a better life.

With an overall score of a 3.3 G.P.A. last semester, these sisters believe academics are very important and are looking forward to their future.

"Its much more than just learning." UNK Junior and Alpha Phi member Ariane Aten says, "Your learning about yourself, growing as a person and making close relationships and networks with other people on campus, your own sorority and through greek life as well."

These girls are proud to be a positive influence in their school, sorority and community and look forward to the rest of the year.