South-Central District Judge to Retire this Summer

Judge Robert Ide

Judge Robert Ide of Holdrege has announced his plans to retire this July.

Ide is County Court Judge for the 10th Judicial District which covers Adams, Clay, Fillmore,Franklin, Harlan, Kearney, Nuckolls, Phelps, & Webster counties.

Ide's last day will be July 5. He says he plans to continue to serve Nebraskan families and children on a volunteer basis.

In his resignation letter to the governor, he said, "I would like to commend ourclerks and magistrates for their untiring efforts to keep the judicial systemgoing. Our folks have put in additional hours, have communicated wellwith each other and cooperated in minimizing any interruption in court systemservices during periods of judicial shortage and during periods in whichlegislation has added to their duties."

Ide took the position on March 3, 2000 and has been retained in his position through several elections.

The first step in replacingIde will be for the Judicial Resources Commission to call a meeting todetermine whether or not, based on judicial workload statistics, his retirementcreates a vacancy in the 10th Judicial District.