South Dakota Increases Non-Resident Hunting Fees


Nebraska hunters can expect to pay more to cross state-lines and hunt in South Dakota in coming years. South Dakota is trying to increase revenue by raising prices for the large numbers of hunters from all over the country that seek out South Dakota hunting grounds.

States with a large number of hunters traveling to South Dakota include the nearby states of Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa and Wyoming.

South Dakota is raising fees in 2013 for several nonresident hunting licenses. The boost in fees is expected to bring annual revenue up by more than $1.1 million.

The Game, Fish and Parks commission approved the increases Thursday during a meeting at Camp Lakodia near Madison, S.D.

A nonresident 10-day small game license will increase by $10 to $120, while an annual shooting preserve license is going up by $35 to $120. Two nonresident shooting preserve licenses are increasing $10, with a 1-day costing $45 and a 5-day costing $75.

Nonresident waterfowl licenses are increasing $10, with a 10-day running $120 and a 3-day costing $85.

No changes were made to resident hunting license fees.