Soybeans on the Rise


It's in your margarine, bread, crayons and even building materials but you probably don't realize it. Soybeans are everywhere. A new report from the United States Department of Agriculture says U.S. farmers are expected to plant a record amount this year.

Crop Specialist Ignacio Ciampitti said, “Everything that we are eating daily, they have some soybean; they have some soybean oil."

The USDA report says an estimated 81.5 acres of soybeans will be planted in 2014.

A Kansas State University crop specialist says one of the reasons may be because corn prices are low so people are turning to soybeans. Farmers are rotating the types of crops they plant to increase their yields.

"So the second year of continuous soybeans and the third year of continuous soybeans, we are starting to see that the production is going down,” said Ciampitti.