Special Horse Show Allows Riders to Show Independence


A new type of horse show is letting riders express their freedom and show off independence.

Saturday morning, 18 riders from the Kearney Therapeutic Horseback Riding organization competed using skills they've learned while working with horses.

Therapeutic riding helps those with mental, physical, and behavioral challenges by using horses to improve muscle, balance and communication skills.

Officials say the best part is seeing their faces, knowing it's the rider's day to shine.

"Our saying on the bottom of our banner is 'from the horse you borrow freedom' and that's true for these guys. They get an opportunity to do what a lot of people don't," said director Carter Siebke. "I tell each one of my riders you're doing something only 10 percent of the population does, 90 percent of the people have never been on a horse in this country, and it takes some bravery, it takes some guts, and they should be proud of themselves for that."

This is the first year for the horse show. Organizers plan to make this an annual event.