Spring Flowering Perennials


Add color to your spring garden with avariety of plants. Spring bulbs, combinedwith early blooming perennials look great with the blossoms of Betty magnolia.

Springperennials like long blooming hellebore have evergreen leaves, interestingblooms and are usually overlooked by the deer.

Thedelicate blue flowers of Brunnera makea great filler in the garden bed. Thevariegated leaves of many cultivars like Jack Frost brighten the shadethroughout the season.

Lungwort's(Pulmonaria) funnel shaped flowersare favorites of hummingbirds and can be found in white, reddish-pink or pinkfading to blue. The hairy leaves tend todiscourage the deer and the variegated varieties lighten the shade.

Thefine texture of the fern-leaf peony (Paeoniatenuifolia) is the perfect backdrop for single or double red flowers. Though the leaves fade in late summer theirunique appearance has earned them a spot in many gardens.

Thewhite spots on the leaves of lungwort give it the appearance of a diseasedlung. This led to both the common nameand the botanical name Pulmonaria(Latin for lung). Herbalists oncebelieved when a plant resembled a body part it must have healing powers for it.

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