Spring Snow Impacting Travel Across Nebraska


Winter weather conditions have led to the closure of Interstate 80 between Kearney to Overton.

In Buffalo County Sunday afternoon, visibility of less than a quarter mile and slick roads slowed some traffic down to 40 miles per hour.

According to the Nebraska State Patrol, a semi trailer jack-knifed at mile marker 346 near Henderson, blocking the interstate for about an hour and a half. They said that caused another semi to crash.

Only a few cars were diverted as the scene was cleaned up, authorities said.

The patrol also said two eastbound semis lost control near mile marker 244 between Elm Creek and Overton Sunday, blocking the interstate for a time.

Kearney Police reported numerous accidents, but couldn't give an approximate number.

In Antelope County, the sheriff said the mix made a few inches of slush pile up on roads, which put a lot of vehicles in the ditch.

"We're basically chasing now vehicles that are in the ditch. It's just become more than the state can get ahead of, and we've called radio stations and asked them to advise no travel, but some people are already committed and didn't know they were driving into this," said Antelope County Sheriff Bob Moore.

The sheriff said staying put through Sunday night is the best bet for any travelers in the areas that got snow.

The weather is also impacting air travel.

Flights from the Kearney Regional Airport to Denver were canceled Sunday.

The Central Nebraska Regional Airport also canceled an afternoon flight to Dallas. A flight from Grand Island to Las Vegas is currently delayed.