Stabbing Victim Tells Police He's Unsure Where Fight Took Place


A Grand Island man told police he's not sure where he was when a fight broke out at a party, resulting in the man being stabbed.

Abdifatah Issa, 23, told police he didn't even know he had been stabbed until he got home from the party.

Capt. Dean Elliott said Issa had a noticeable wound that would be very apparent to most people.

A friend drove Issa to the emergency room, but that friend dropped him off and left.

Issa said he was at a party when a fight broke out, but he said he was not directly involved in the conflict. He was not able to tell police where the home was where the incident took place.

It was only later he apparently discovered the bloody wound.

Without more information, officers were not able to identify a suspect or make an arrest. Capt. Elliott encourages anyone who may have information to contact the Grand Island Police Department.