Star Wars Day Event Growing


A Hastings Library event celebrating Star Wars Day expanded in its second year.

Two hundred people showed up for “Return of May the 4th” Sunday, many uttering the phrase, “May the 4th be with you.”

Organizers said it's a chance for locals to release their inner star wars nerd by battling storm troopers and using "the force" to raise a ball.

It's become a popular event.

"Last year it was at the library and we just were overflowing, like people up and down the aisles; and so we're expanding into the auditorium this year and it has been a really fun thing," said Erica Rogers, Hastings Library assistant.

"It's really cool and we do a lot of stuff like making magnets, Yoda ears. We got to make our light saber," said Hunter Bradshaw, a Hastings third grader.

"It's really a fun time. It's not like you have to watch a movie or doing anything specific. You can just go do whatever you want," said Jackson Graves, who also attended the event.

"I think it's cool for kids because they enjoy ‘Star Wars,’" said Corey Brakhahn, a Hastings fourth grader.

For the first time the event hosted a raffle to raise money to help build a new children’s wing for the library.

Rogers said they raised at least $100.