Start Over Rover Seeing an Increase in Shelter Pets


This time of year the number of stray animals coming to local shelters should be declining but that's not the case.
Volunteers at Start Over Rover in Hastings say they're hearing the same news from many shelters in the tri-city area; an increase in animals coming in.
SOR officials currently don't have room to take any more pets.
Robin Mays, a SOR volunteer said " For strays and surrenders, we're asking people to hold off right now. If you have a situation however, we've got a list started that we're trying to work through a little bit at a time; It requires foster homes and adoptions."
Mays added "If we get adoptions it frees up a spot."
The shelter is seeing more kittens coming through their doors. A group three kittens are growing up at the shelter and they'd like to see them adopted.
The shelter is also making plans for the holidays and they're asking for more volunteers, especially for the morning hours.