State Fair Babies Featured on Animal Planet


Nebraska State Fair visitors aren't the only ones getting to experience the birthing pavilion this year. Animal Planet has been on the grounds all week filming for their "Labor Live" weekend.

The channel will break in with birth alerts from the fair and have already featured the animals on their website.

University of Nebraska at Lincoln said it's a way to educate an even bigger audience.

"We're really hoping that it informs the public more of the miracle of life and what's involved in it. People really do care for these animals and put a lot of effort and pride every day into taking care of them," said David Hardin.

Nebraska isn't the only state fair with a birthing pavilion, but Hardin said it is rare.

He said the fair works with producers across the state to make sure they have chickens, pigs, cattle and sheep that will give birth on schedule.

To watch #LaborLive highlights, click here.